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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things Mickie Does

Every night before bed Mickie brings all his blankets out of his room and troughs them on the other side of the fence leading to the living room. They have to land just right and far enough from the gate, so he can't reach them- why? I don't know..........

Normally, it doesn't bother me much, but it's winter and some nights it gets really cold. A few weeks ago, when the heater broke and it took a week to get a repairman in, he still did it! I remember having to wear double socks, and pajama pants and I was still cold, so I can only imagine how he must have felt.


Anonymous said...

Has he always done this, past winters, or is this new? and what's he like during the day? as far as feeling warm or cold. Also, is he perhaps looking for attention? but I know you're always there for him.

How do communicate with him? speech, sign, ...and have attempted to ask him about it...

god bless him

~Zurama~ said...

He's been doing this for about a year now.

No, attention is the last thing he wants. He only looks for people when he needs something, he likes to hang out by himself-probably do to sensory overload.

Bettina said...

Zurama, I`m Bettina, my son Santi also does ritual type things, and I try and interact and do different things with him while he does...He takes his animal toys everywhere and even to the bathroom or to bed. And when he goes outside he leaves his toys and animals (he has toy iguanas, snakes, dinosaurs, etc) in different places and goes crazy if I pick them up, so now I tell him to leave his toys before doing anything, and at first he cried and got angry but now he is starting to leave the toys in the house. Before doing anything, I tell him he cannot bring them with and I do it with all the conviction that I can!!!
I thought maybe you can tell him to do that with some and keep one to be warm...and show it to him by doing it yourself...and I hope I can help you and it works!!!!! Good luck and a big load of patience!!! Bettina