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Monday, March 16, 2009

Complaint Against Brian Deer Filed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Brian Deer, journalism at it's worse!!

A formal complaint against journalist Brian Deer was delivered to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) today, March 16, 2009, on behalf of Dr. Andrew
Wakefield, the physician whose autism research has been the subject of several articles in the Sunday Times.

Deer is accused in the PCC document of
publishing incorrect information and also of having a conflict of interest caused by his involvement in the General Medical Committee's(GMC) investigation of Wakefield.

"Journalists clearly have a right and responsibility to report on matters of public interest", Wakefield said. "But they also have an obligation to make certain their information is accurate--especially when someone's livelihood and professional reputation are at stake. Mr. Deer has failed miserably as a reporter and has done great harm to me and many others conducting autism research".

Horray for Dr. Wakefield!!! One of the last good doctors!!
Read the complaint.

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