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Friday, July 10, 2009

Mickie's Sister Got Married

Last Monday my oldest daughter Zina got married.

It would have been a disaster if not for my mother's help who took care of Mickie throughout the day.

I sent Mickie to school in the morning since his school's schedule is a little different then public school. At 1:00, my mom was waiting for him.

When he got home she fed him and took him with her so I could get ready for the special day.

Everything went smoothly except for Mickie's two bruised eyes. He left for school with his face just fine, but had a meltdown at school during waiting time-he hates to wait and hit his eyes, giving himself two cuts under the eyes.

During the wedding my mom kept an eye on him. He loved the food, especially the meat-he does so love his meat, though he can't have to much of it, due to the digestive issues. I was really surprised by how calm he remained during the ceremony and the music playing.

He must have been concentrating on the sounds of the music, during the conga line the best man started, because the next day he was whistling Gloria Stefan's Conga song, without missing a note.

It was a great day and my Zina was very happy!


Crystal said...

Aw, glad things went well. :)

Anonymous said...

its the Memorable day for the brother


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