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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventures in Autism: "No Evidence of Any Link"

[UPDATE: This link is becoming quite popular, so I will just start archiving studies that support the vaccine/autism link here. I will be adding the links to the studies to the top section, and I have added about 25 abstracts following Kirby's list.]

[FINAL UPDATE: So I have been adding to the list slowly and have 33 studies, and i will keep adding new ones that come out, but TACA has blown my puny list out of the water with their master list that is approaching 600 citations. So if you have exhausted my list, and are hungry for more, they should keep you busy for quite some time.

And I don't want to hear "No evidence of any link" ever again!]

If you have heard any media on the hearings this week, you have heard a doctor say that there is "No Evidence of Any Link", several times. This is an untrue statement. The court would not be hearing the case unless there was something for them to present. David Kirby, during interviews about his book, Evidence of Harm, has to respond to this claim from doctors repeatedly. Adventures in Autism: "No Evidence of Any Link":

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