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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Concern Citizens and parents of Vaccine Injured Children are Gathering Tonight for a Twitter Party to Push ‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬ into “trending” status!

Tonight, from 7-10 p.m. EST, we are gathering for a twitter party to push ‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬ into “trending” status! Share links, photos, memes, etc. over the course of the three hours. Here are some tips:
- Use #CDCwhistleblower
- Retweet others, favorite others, reply to others!
- Reminder that when replying, put a period in front of the @ (.@ThinkerMichelle) in order to reach all of ThinkerMichelle’s followers!
- Leave out the profanity
- Ditch the twitter wars and ignore the trolls!
- Don't know where to start? Follow @thinkingmomsrev and @ThinkerMichelle and start retweeting them! http://ow.ly/i/6G81y My Twetter is @Zurama

“Tweeting Points” COPY AND PASTE

#CDCwhistleblower vaccine-autism link is Tuskegee revisited. “REAL STORY OF REAL FRAUD” http://tinyurl.com/oqrhezc

#CDCwhistleblower says former boss & current Merck head Gerberding complicit in cover-up http://tinyurl.com/nubcyef

#CDCwhistleblower in letter to Gerberding: “problematic” findings linking MMR timing to autism http://tinyurl.com/keb8ymu

fraud study cited in 344 subsequent papers – all relying on lies & house of cards should fall #CDCwhistleblower http://tinyurl.com/jvo93z2

#CDCwhistleblower helps researcher with real data, showing 3-fold higher risk of autism in African-American boys who get MMR http://tinyurl.com/omujczd

tell @AmerAcadPeds to retract fraud study #CDCwhistleblowerhttp://tinyurl.com/nh9fsnn

@CDCgov responds to #CDCwhistleblower claims by blaming parents for following CDC vax schedule, doesn’t deny fraud http://tinyurl.com/mwrv3cb

@CNN investigate #CDCwhistleblower story & end media blackout. 150K hits for ireport http://tinyurl.com/n53kzbq

@CNN taking down ireports over & over in media blackout of #CDCwhistleblower story http://tinyurl.com/k74jy5z

what happens when #CDCwhistleblower reveals federal agency fraud of taxpayer funded study…nothing

@CNN complicit in media cover-up of #CDCwhistleblower storyhttp://tinyurl.com/pc2766g

@RobSchneider stands by parents & facts asking @JerryBrownGov to address #CDCwhistleblower revelations http://tinyurl.com/nrbe75j

now we want investigations for perjury & fraud. now we want apologies for negligence & harm #CDCwhistleblower http://tinyurl.com/ld7bmo8

#CDCwhistleblower Send CDC whistleblower an email message asking him to come forward publicly: http://bit.ly/1nqEsG3

@thinkingmomsrev #CDCwhistleblower fraud claims prove MOMS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG http://tinyurl.com/mp6r94d

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