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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heavy Metals Toxicity

There seems to be a large amount of children being diagnosed with Autism, who are in reality suffering from Heavy Metal Toxicity.

When my son Mickie was first diagnosed with Autism, I had no idea that he was actually Mercury Toxic, via-thimerosal containing vaccines. By the time I realized what had happened he was four years old and had been regressing since he was 9 months old.

He is 10 years old now and early intervention through Regional Centers and years of ABA therapy have done nothing for him. He has underlying biomedical issues that culminated in Autism like symptoms. Today I want to write about heavy metal toxicity.

This is what I have learned in the process of helping my son. When he was four I attempted to chelate him. He did make improvements in socialization and his eye contact improved, his language did not improve much, aside from a word here and there every few months he did not talk. He has since lost those few words.

Back then, I did not addressed the digestive issues as recommended by that DAN Protocol and in fact his digestive problems got worse. I had to stop chelation after four months and it has taken years to stabilize him.

Depending on how resent the exposure was, mercury may or may not show up. Just because it doesn't show up, doesn't mean it's not there. The Autism Research Institute reports that chelation works in 73% of the time.

I am not sure when babies develop the blood, brain, barrier, but you are able to find out if he is toxic while the barrier is open, he can have chelation therapy before it closes and he should recover completely. There is always some recovery, but some say that nothing can cross the BBB, and others say that ALA will cross it.

DMSA should be administered with ALA in small doses every three to four hours, preferably round the clock. If you prefer to only chelate during the day, it can be done. Three days on and 11 day off or as many days off as on. You must give the body time to rest. Supplementation with minerals is essential, because DMSA depletes the body of Zinc and other essential minerals.

If it was not too resent mercury most likely has now gone into hiding. Mercury hides in the soft tissues of the body including the brain. Lead accumulates in you bones if is not excreted from the body right away. DMSA is administered prior to an urine test, will bring some of it out then first morning urine is collected.

A note about DMSA.......it is the safest way to chelate heavy metals and it has been tested and approved to use on children, which is more then we can say about childhood vaccines.

Also very important is the fact that chelation is a very slow process. Don't expect drastic changes in a short period of time. You can only administer a small amount, because the body can't excrete so much of the metals at once. 100 rounds is about how much it takes for full recovery.

A hair analysis is very accurate in determining if one is mercury toxic. A good indication of heavy metal toxicity is when your minerals are all out of whack, even if mercury itself is not showing on the first hair test. I will show in time. Mickie's first and second hair analysis did not showed mercury or lead, but showed he was cadmium toxic. His most recent test shows that he is Lead, Aluminum and Cadmium toxic. His mercury level wend from .01 to .10. Heavy metals don't belong in our bodies.

I wanted to share this information, because I am chelating Mickie right now and the information is still fresh in my mind. He has had 6 rounds of DMSA with ALA. He has started to say Da and Dee. He is not talking yet, but he is using his Da's and De's to sing.



Queenbee said...

Good luck through chelation.

We just started yesterday with the DMSA supp.

~Zurama~ said...

Hope chelation is going well.
Take care,

Cyndi said...

Just wondering...how can we chelate during the day only?