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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mickie's Regression into the World of Autism


Denise said...

I just wanted to tell you that I think your son Mickie is a beautiful child. My heart ached for him, and I just wanted to cry and give him a hug. I have a son on the spectrum as well. Like Mickie, he flaps alot, and has the flimsy wrists (low muscle tone and loose ligaments)... He also has that same scared and innocent expression that I saw on your son. Not to mention they share the same beautiful black head of hair! Like you, I worry as well about my son 'after I am gone ' we are their biggest advocates... my son is my soul, i will continue to try everything to make his life comfortable. He has a sister who i hope, if necessary, will look after him too. she is younger, however, it is like she is the older of the two. If ever you need to vent, email me at denisesdaycare@msn.com. We just started cranial sacral massage therapy... not sure how the outcome will be, but i will try anything. Take care, and love that child with all you have... live in the moment and just hug him as best and as much as he will allow. A close friend just lost their son, who was autistic, at age 7. Everytime I see him he tells me to hug my children. And i feel lucky that i am able to do simply that.

Zurama L. Johnston said...

Thank you.

Cyndi said...

Watching the videos of all our children just breaks my heart..it's so sad /c it could have been prevented!!!

I noticed he had a mini staring spell..have you ever tested him for seizures?

~Zurama~ said...

No, I never have, because he would never stay still or allow anything on his head.