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Monday, September 29, 2008

All I Wanted Was a Tomato!

One day last week, I was making some sandwiches, for my girls and me, when I realized, there were no tomatoes left in the refrigerator. I looked out my kitchen window and noticed there was one ripen tomato left on the plant outside. I almost walked out the door, when I remembered, that every time I walk out the sliding door, Mickie locks me out. I turned around and put the sandwiches away, so Mickie won't eat them, because he is GFCF, I then locked the refrigerator, the cabinet under the sink, the spice pantry, the food pantry, the hallway gates and my bedroom, so he won't eat my hand lotions and spill my hair products.

I grabbed my set of keys and as I walked out the door, I could see Mickie starting to move towards me. Sure enough, by the time I reached the tomato plant I was locked out of the house. I picked my tomato and walked back to the sliding door and proceeded to knock on the door. Mickie just looked up at me from his chair and stimmed. I made the sign for eat, to see if that would work, but it didn't; after all, he had just eaten, he didn't need me anymore.

I then walked around the left side of the house and unlocked the gate, then got back into the house. A few minutes later as I sat there finally enjoying my sandwich, I thought to myself-good greaf, all I wanted a tomato!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Al I wanted was to be a soccer mom too!!! LOL!!!
And live in blissful ignorance... but that was... I was gonna say NOT in God's plans for me... but It was in God's plans, but VACCINES took that away from me and so many of us!!!THANKS FOR THIS POST, YOU MADE ME LAUGH AND REALIZE HOW HARD WE WORK FOR THE SIMPLEST THINGS... WHAT MANY NEUROTYPICAL PARENTS TAKE FOR GRANTED!!! God bless you more...
Love, Gabby. :0)

Cyndi said...

At least you were prepared!

Yes, NT parents have no idea...

Cindy Sue Causey said...


I should be sleeping, but I was enjoying your blog too much.. If you ever want to network with some great parents, there are a couple of Yahoo! groups I'm on.. You sound like you would fit right in.. :))

Thanks for the Twitter add, by the way.. I'm "Studebaker"..

Have a great evening.. :)