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To the world, you are just one, but to me you are the world.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tonight I had the opportunity to get away. I went to an art show opening, while my mom watched Mickie. For two hours I was just me and not the mercury mom or Mickie's mom, instead I was as any other person there, lost in a sea of artists.

I guess artists are the only people besides the autism moms, that I can related too now days.

When I got home I got a dose of reality. My mom said that Mickie practically kicked his respite worker out of the house, then when it was time for his dinner, he wouldn't let my mom turn on any lights in the kitchen, so she had to pretend, to look for something in the refrigerator, so she could see the supplements and medicines, he was supposed to take with his dinner. He then refuse to let her dress him and then took her by the hand and walked her to my little art studio and she had to sit on the couch for an hour until I got home.

Oh well, back to reality.


Cyndi said...

You're lucky your mom is nearby!

~Zurama~ said...

It's nice having her closed by, but I don't have her babysit too much, because she is retired now and she should relax in her golden years.
She stops by everyday and that priceless, because as you may know friends are far and few once autism comes into our lives, specially if it's severe autism like Mickie has.