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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Children Forced Into Cell-Like School Seclusion Rooms

This is unbelievable. How could schools still be allowed to to this. Everybody knows, you don't leave kids unsupervised, mush less one with ADHD-which is my opinion is a label, that makes kids who wear it feel really bad as it is.

If this doesn't scare the daylights out of you, I don't know what does. If this boy was able to communicate with his parents and this still happened, imagine the ones like my Mickie, that can't speak a word. I can only imagine what those poor parents must be going through.

This part of the article from the CNN site:

Mentally disabled, autistic kids injured, traumatized in school seclusion rooms.
13-year-old Georgia boy hanged himself in room with cord teacher gave him.
Autistic Iowa girl confined in school storage closet where she pulled out her hair.

Murrayville, Georgia - A few weeks before 13-year-old Jonathan King killed himself, he told his parents that his teachers had put him in "time-out.” The room where Jonathan King hanged himself is shown after his death. It is no longer used, a school official said..............


Casdok said...

As you say it is unbelivable that this still continues in this day and age. Frightening.

kristi said...

I just read this link and it made me sick to my stomach. To think that schools think this is acceptable.........it just makes me want to lock them in a room for hours and ignore their pleas for help. DISGUSTING!

~Zurama~ said...

For as far as we have come-we still don't put enough value on the disabled.

We protect animals more then we protect special needs kids.