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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Internacional Autism Awareness Day

So today is the international day of Autism awareness. It's a day like any other at our house. I wonder if anything is going to change with the awareness day. There will probably be a few mentions here and there of how many cases and how hard it is to live with autism.

They'll be no mention about the causes millions of parents have been suspecting for years now. Vaccines are a touchy subject when it comes to "Big Pharma" and their beneficiaries in the halls Congress and the Senate loosing money. I don't want to see another cookie cutter story about what it's like to live autism. All I want to see is the treatments available now, being covered by all insurances, including government insurances, which don't cover then at the moment.

I want to see my son thrive again!!


GaviotaZalas said...

un beso a los dos,, desde Vicenza Italia

E-migrad@ said...


Cuando puedas pasa por Migraciones Internas (migraciones--internas.blogspot.com) y recoge un premio que hay allí para Autistic bye Injection, ok?.

Buena semana y cariños para ustedes,


john said...

what a special angel.