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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vax’d/Unvaxx’d Study Already Completed? | V.I.R.A.L.S. Epidemic

In 1889, Queen Victoria commissioned a group of “eight of the most distinguished medical men of England and quite a number of eminent men in other professions”, led by Prof. Alfred Russel Wallace, L.L.D.. F.R.S., to: “investigate the effect of vaccination.”
The town of Leicester had been hit extremely hard by small pox in 1872 at a point when the vaccination rate was very high. The doctors of Leicester had “so overdone the business of coercive vaccination, and public prosecution, that the public arose en masse in open revolt against the propagation of the vaccinator’s poison” and quickly became a town where vaccination was refused in such great numbers that the vaccination rate fell to 0.01% by the time the commission began studying the smallpox rates.
This is when Professor Wallace and his team of experts began to utilize their statistical expertise and decided to look at Leicester as an unvaccinated city and compare them with the English Army and Navy that were heavily vaccinated with repeated injections.  What they found was staggering and evidence of the first vax’d / unvax’d study is written down here in this publication for posterity.
“Professor Wallace produces official statements which verify his affirmation that, the town of Leicester is, and has been for more than twenty years, the least vaccinated town in the kingdom.”  The average population from 1873 to 1894 was about two-thirds of that of the army and navy of that period, yet the small pox deaths in the army and navy were 37 per million. Those of Leicester were well under 15 per million.
Wallace declares that “It is not possible to have a more complete and crucial test than this is, and it absolutely demonstrates the utter uselessness, or worse than uselessness, of re-vaccinating.” Armed with this information and obviously interested in further study of this anomaly, Wallace goes on to compare Leicester with other towns in Great Britain that are highly vaccinated. The town of Birmingham had more than 30 times the vaccination rate as Leicester with the following results:
1891 – 94
Per 10,000 population         Leicester          Birmingham
Smallpox cases                         19                          63
Smallpox deaths                       1                            5

Vax’d/Unvaxx’d Study Already Completed? | V.I.R.A.L.S. Epidemic:

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