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Friday, October 10, 2008

Art Show Reception

Tomorrow night, the Pomona Valley Art Association has it's opening reception for their Annual Juried Show. This is my second year participating in this event. Last year I didn't even get to attend, in spite of receiving an award. I was so busy and overwhelmed with all the biomedical stuff, that I just couldn't leave him.

Since two weeks ago when I went to another art show and left Mickie with my mom, he gave her such a hard time. Tomorrow I will take Mickie with me along with his three big sisters. We will take the Convay Cruiser, which is a big stroller to keep him from running off.

I hope he doesn't decide that he needs all the lights off or wants to eat all the wrong foods at the buffet table. Keeping my fingers crossed, I will report back after the show.

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kristi said...

I hope he does okay! Have fun!