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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disabled Students Humiliated!

Last week as I was getting Mickie ready for school, one of his sisters said to me,

"Alta Loma Junior High"

"Mom me and my friend got really sad yesterday", I asked her why, and she said something that really hit home.

Apparently the kids from the Special Ed. class get to go to the front of the line to get their lunch, but after they're done, their job is to pick up trash in the cafeteria, while the regular students eat, make fun of them and throw extra trash for them to pick up.

These innocent kids laugh, while being laughed at, and pick every piece of trash thrown on the floor. All this goes on, under the watchful eye, of the principal and vice principal. This is what my daughter also said,

Video taken on October 21, 2008

" While the regular kids eat lunch, the disabled kids come out 5 minutes before lunch is over and proctors tell them certain areas to clean up trash. Some of the kids keep throwing trash on the floor on purpose and saying, "Hey look at all those retards cleaning up crap, Ha, ha, ha." Then they go up to them and say, “Look there’s trash over there!"

Video taken on October 21, 2008

May be these special kids don't understand what's going on, but that doesn't make it right. What is wrong with our society, that we can't bring ourselves to treat the mentally disabled with the dignity they deserve. The disabled have a right to be valued and respected. All of us should make it our responsibility to watch over them and protect them, not humiliate them. I fail to see what picking up everyone else's trash is teaching them. The brats who are dropping trash on the floor, should get written up for being slobs.

On Friday, I tried to go into the school during lunch to see for myself and was denied entrance.


kristi said...

This makes me sick to my stomach.

AutisticLiving.com said...

I have posted their contact info here....

I will also call as many news organizations as I can, and refer them to this blog. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

This is disgusting. I already know what stupid excuse they're going to use. "We want to give the children the opportunity to learn life skills through practice. Their work in the school cafeteria allows them to do just that, while giving them a much needed sense of accomplishment." ....or some such other mindless crap.

FieldingHurst said...

I don't see anything about this anywhere else?

#1 - What does the school have to say for themselves?

#2 - Any luck contact news organizations in the area?

shirley said...

this is stupid.. we should treat everybody equally..we are human being.. dont send your children to that school..

thedevilisaliar said...

I know these students they are not picking up trash for anyone, they are giving the choice to participate in recycling for their own program not for the school. they recycle and use their monies to treat themselves to pizza parties, movie fridays and field trips they are doing an amazing job. they are very aware that they have to wash hands and so on after they get the recyclables and they do the staff makes sure of it. Maybe if more of the students humbled themselves enough to do the same we would have less waste. Tell your daughter instead of making illegal recordings of other students and posting them on public web sites without their parents permission(and breaking school rules)maybe she should try helping herself. I hope that you as a parent know that you should get all of the facts before you start a rumor of this intensity. I hope that the parents of these students don't take any legal action against you both, you do know that you have broken a few kaws here.

Mitsune said...

In reply to thedevilisaliar.
I could barely read the comment you wrote. Maybe you should go back to junior high yourself and learn how to make use of capital letters and periods before trying to address anything to this blogger. Because honestly, I didn't realize that monies was a form of currency.
She got her facts straight the second time around revolving this article. You would have known that if you had taken a look see at the blog above this one. As for breaking "kaws", she hasn't. Breaking school rules? That junior high should be a little more concerned about what goes on within their campus than off of it. When I attended, everyone either made out in the bathroom or played tonsil hockey on the bball courts. Honestly, just because her daughter takes a video of the special kids, on what looks to be a cell phone. Then shows mom how she thought it was wrong. Giving mom the option to confront the school herself or let the media do it for her gives you no right to even try and threaten her with some 2nd grade level paragraph of epic fail.

If the parent's of these children honestly think this is okay and that clean measures are being taken. Then by all means I would be on your side. But I see no gloves and I see no one else doing it. Picking through a trash can is not a life skill and it will never further them in life. Cleaning the planet you might say. Well they just want some pizza right?

The videos before me show a child reaching into a germ infested trash can and then touching their face. If you are human then you would see how wrong that is. So unless you have any further bullshit to bring to this blog I suggest you just leave.

thedevilisaliar said...
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~Zurama~ said...

To thedevilisaliar Oh I'm so scared!

You seem very familiar with "the program". Hmmm, I have a feeling you work with this kids.....

You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to excuse what is being allowed to happen at your school to one of the most vulnerable members of our society!

Everyone that has learned about this is appalled. I can't believe that you think you can justify disabled kids digging in trash cans!

Oh, for shame!!!!!