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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I trust Sarah Palin

I have found that when it comes to special needs, the only people who really care and understand what we go through as parents of these special children are those who are going through the same thing. Palin's son Trig was born with down syndrome and her nephew has autism.

She knows to well the agony and the joy of raising a child with special needs. She is exactly what our community needs. "We need Sarah in the White House".

In a speech in Pittsburgh, Penn., last week, Palin pledged that a McCain-Palin administration would fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, exempt disability programs from the domestic discretionary spending freeze they plan to institute next year, and will provide school vouchers so families can send their special needs children to the school of their choice.

"Too often, even in our own day, children with special needs have been set apart and excluded," said Palin, whose infant son Trig has Down syndrome. "Too often, state and federal laws add to their challenges, instead of removing barriers and opening new paths of opportunity. Too often, they are made to feel that there is no place for them in the life of our country, that they don't count or have nothing to contribute. This attitude is a grave disservice to these beautiful children, to their families, and to our country -- and I will work to change it."

"That's more than the shortfall to fully fund the IDEA," she said. "And where does a lot of that earmark money end up? It goes to projects having little or nothing to do with the public good -- things like fruit fly research in Paris, France, or a public policy center named for the guy who got the earmark. In our administration, we're going to reform and refocus. We're going to get our federal priorities straight, and fulfill our country's commitment to give every child opportunity and hope in life."

Sarah carried her son and gave birth to him, with the knowledge that he had down syndrome. Now that to me, is what a real feminist is like. Anyone who puts her down for that is just envious, because they don't have the inner strength to do what she did.

This is why I trust her as the best choice for our kids future.

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