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Friday, October 24, 2008

Disabled Kids Still Digging in the Trash at School

Yesterday on the way home from school, my daughter who took the videos, said that the school says that they want to teach the kids to take care of the planet by recycling, and she said in a really angry voice,

"The problem is that the kids in the Special Ed. class don't understand about responsibility, they just want their ice cream and the regular kids don't do it, because it's not cool to dig in the trash. Responsibility is doing what I did".

They didn't pick anything from the trash that day, and we were really happy, though my daughter was a little reluctant, because she said that that day was Club day, which happens once every two months, and there were no bottle and cans to pick up, because the kids get to buy foods different from the regular cafeteria food. She was right and today she saw them again picking bottles from the trash. How they can justify the treatment of this kids is beyond me. If I catch my son being treated like that, I don't think I could control myself.

Putting these kids in a situation where they are the target of ridicule and humiliation is not teaching them anything of value. If anything they will learn that they are less then the other children.

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