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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fire

On February 14, of 06, there was an electrical fire in Mickie’s room. I woke up to a house full of teenagers screaming: "Mom, mom; Mickie's room is on fire". I ran out of my room towards the hallway and I could see the smoke coming out from under his door. Without even thinking, I pushed the door open and saw the fire reaching the ceiling on the left hand corner of the room. The TV was on and Mickie was sitting there on his bed, under the covers. He had no intention of getting out of there.

The fire looked like a giant snake and it was moving towards the closet on the other side where Mickie was. I ran in and tried to pull him out and he started to fight me. I had to grab him by his pajama shirt and drag him out. He still wanted to go back into the room. He didn't seem to have any idea of what had just happened. Danger awareness is one of the most disturbing issues parents with children on the autism spectrum have to deal with. Without a sense of danger our kids are prone to tragic accidents.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh. I'm glad you both got out safely. Yes, lack of danger awareness is a problem...especially as my son gets older/bigger.

Best wishes,

Cyndi said...

That had to be super scary! I guess nothing comes between our kids and their tv/videos!