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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emergency Medicine at It's Best

Last Friday afternoon, as I was walking back in the house from the back porch, where I had just started a load of laundry, I heard Mickie cry. He was in the hallway that leads to my bedroom and making the eeeeee sound that usually follows pain. There was blood running down the right side of his face! I immediately imagined the worse. I thought he had cracked his skull open and I couldn't tell where all the blood was coming from. I embraced him and screamed for my daughter who was towards the front of the house.

I didn't want to look! I've fainted at the site of blood before, so she and her big brother looked for me. It was a cut on his left eyebrow, only I didn't see it, because Mickie's hair is very long.

I called the paramedics, who eased my worries about the wound not being as serious as I first thought. The ambulance drove him to the hospital and I rode in the back with him. Mickie seemed more worried about being in a strange vehicle then about the cut on his face. He was taken to San Antonio Hospital in Upland, Cafifornia, where upon arrival an older looking nurse greeted him with a cute brown plush dog. He took it and made it his own right away, but continued to fuzz and cry. A bracellet with his name was placed in his left arm, which he proceeded to rip off.

We were then taken to a private room, in the new emergency wing. A nurse walked in and asked me if he was allergic to anything-a trick question for me, because Michael is not allergic on paper, but very sencitive to milk protein and his body does not flush out heavy metals very well. She asked me if I wanted him to have a Tetanus shot, to which I replied.........

His autism is directly linked to the vaccines he recieved as a baby and the last time he was vaccinated, was in 2000. He can't get rid of metals. Does it contain Mercury?

She said....Oh this one probably does.

She walked out and a few minutes later a male nurse walken in with her and decided they would go old school and stich him up without putting him under anestheshia, which sounded great to me.

A few minutes later the doctor walked in and she said to him something like......Just for the record she is refusing a tenanus shot, so there's no need to ask her again.

While they got ready I heard them talking about how they didn't understand why they can't just stitch kids up without putting them to sleep or waiting for ex-rays and keeping them there for hours.

The male nurse rapped Mickie in a sheet folded in 4 and held him down, while the female nurse held his head. I held his legs, so he didn't push up-he has strong legs. The doctor proceded to apply a local anesthetic, then he put in the three stitches, which he tripple knotted to make sure Mickie didn't pull them out.

I couldn't help but noticed how much they enjoyed praticing medicine.
They patched my special boy old school and sent him home within an hour-It doesn't get any better then that.

Later that day when I told my mom how he was treated-she releid to me, that San Antonio Hospital was ranked within the best 100 hospitals in the US. It was easy to understand how they had earned that status. A thankyou note is on it's way to the nurses and doctors at the emergercy room.