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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Episode 4: Government response to pandemics: forced vaccinations and martial law - BioDefense.com

Episode 4: Government response to pandemics: forced vaccinations and martial law - BioDefense.com

Summary overview of this episode:
  • Coming up: Natural anti-virals that modern medicine refuses to recommend
  • Vaccine makers have sometimes accidentally used live viruses in vaccines
  • Why some vaccines are dangerous or even deadly
  • One faction of government wants to downplay any pandemic crisis and deny reality
  • Homeland Security does not want to admit to national vulnerabilities to biological weapons
  • Government doesn't want the public to panic and lose trust in government
  • Government exists based on public FAITH, and if that faith is shattered, government loses
  • Another faction of government wants to hype up infectious disease as much as possible: CDC and FDA
  • The CDC seeks to create as much fear and panic as possible in order to enrich pharmaceutical interests
  • Swine Flu pandemic was wildly exaggerated in order to generate billions of dollars in needless vaccine sales
  • Government is primarily interested in the survival of government, not the survival of the citizens
  • The U.S. government already has plans in place to survive massive pandemics: deep underground bunkers already exist
  • People who have small bunkers are called "survival nuts." Governments that have BIG bunkers are called "strategically prepared."
  • Extensive plans are already in place for national emergency actions: confiscation of resources, quarantine of citizens, martial law, etc.
  • ALL your rights and freedoms will be suspended under a national emergency declaration
  • Government-enforced quarantines will be in place if outbreaks are limited to isolated cities or towns
  • Quarantine will be enforced at gunpoint with lethal force
  • If outbreaks spread to many cities, the quarantine efforts will be abandoned
  • Government goes into "cleanup" mode: body bags and cremation
  • Under Martial Law, people who cause trouble might be shot on sight or arrested and quarantined
  • Because most citizens are not prepared, they will become part of the crisis and create a crisis burden on government
  • Government does not have the resources or manpower to help everyone in a widespread crisis
  • What you can depend on: Your local community, family, friends, possibly your local sheriff
  • Small towns are great places to ride out a pandemic: mutual defense and survival
  • Government can't help you even if it wants to
  • How government becomes a threat by mandating experimental vaccines
  • History has proven that we can't trust the safety of government-promoted vaccines
  • Scientific fraud has been openly admitted by a top CDC scientist
  • If an Ebola vaccine is made available, it will be an experimental vaccine that's not tested for long-term safety
  • The vaccine industry already has absolute legal immunity and zero liability from the harm caused by their products
  • In a pandemic, there is no time to test the vaccine: it will be "experimental medicine"
  • Government can punish you for refusing to take a mandatory vaccine
  • Expect massive public resistance if a pandemic vaccine is forced upon the population
  • There are strategies to protect your health even if a dangerous vaccine is mandated
  • Vaccines might be made less dangerous through nutritional immune support before receiving the vaccine injection
  • There are strategies you can use in almost any scenario to increase your odds of survival, even under a medical dictatorship
  • We need you to survive so that you can contribute to the rebuilding of society after the pandemic
  • How WE (humans) caused the pandemics! We are the cause of the planetary imbalances that lead to viral outbreaks
  • We have created the perfect storm for a pandemic wipeout.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Son's Vaccine Injury Story-Submitted to Rep. Bill Posey

Michael Angel Martinez, born September 1997.

Diagnosis: Severe Autism, Malabsorption Syndrome, Incontinence, Self injurious Behaviors, Selective IgA Deficiency, None-verbal.

Dear Rep. Bill Posey:

I designate my comments for the record. My son's Autism had it's onset following his infant vaccines, which at the time with the exception of the MMR, contained Thimerosal (a mercury containing preservative)

I am respectably writing to you to thank you for your interest in hearing our children's stories and to ask that you continue your efforts to get to the bottom of the autism-vaccine issue.

I want to know why a boy who was born healthy and whole, lost all the milestones he had reached, after his vaccines and I want to know why our government has failed our children and our concerns been ignored for so long.

My son Michael's vaccines were administered in San Bernardino County, California, USA (in the city of Fontana and Ontario). This is a perfect example of the careless behavior in doctors offices. He received three vaccines within 20 days of having bronchitis and taking medication known to suppress the immune system. He received a total of 11 vaccines between the age of 8 months and 12 months and most of them were combination vaccines and at times administered while he was running a fever. At some point during those 4 months his head became very large. By the time I realized vaccines were to blamed for the brain damage, he had received 16 vaccines.

On his first birthday September 1998, he received the MMR vaccine and because of it, what might have been a mild case of autism became autism on steroids. Within days developed severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. He lost all the speech he had up to the point. He went from talking to not making any sense, to a few words and then nothing. His digestive system is a mess to this day and the abdominal pain makes him angry and aggressive. He is now 17 years old and still having terrible problems. He can't sleep, can't digest his food properly, has no muscle tone, can't talk and has the maturity of a toddler. He is suspended in time.

The CDC allowed a generation of children to be poisoned. Vaccine injury is a human tragedy. My hope is that something is done now, so that no more children have to suffer.

Monday, September 8, 2014



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet The Children. Tell Your Child’s Story of Vaccine-Injury. #hearthiswell #CDCwhistleblower | VaxTruth.org

The CDC and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) have said they will not pursue research to identify susceptible groups of children – those children who, for whatever reason, are more vulnerable to severe vaccine-injury, including autism and death.

The recent revelation that CDC Scientists in the Vaccine Safety Research Division committed fraud by eliminating data and failing to follow protocols, hiding the increased risk of autism for African-American males from MMR vaccine is extremely troubling. Unfortunately, it is not “rare.”

Our children’s stories are not “rare,” no matter how much they want the public to believe that to be the case.

We need numbers.
Meet The Children. Tell Your Child’s Story of Vaccine-Injury. #hearthiswell #CDCwhistleblower | VaxTruth.org

Autism Parents Reply to CNN: 'Hear This Well': photo 2

As the confession of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson appeared to be getting corked into a bottle of sorts last week, the story took a rogue and unexpected turn, by way of an accidental citizen reporting campaign.
It began on the evening of Aug. 27, when CNN aired a segment in which three anchors sought to dismiss all concern that vaccines could be unsafe or cause autism—citing “67 studies,” that showed otherwise. The question of whether vaccines could cause autism was alive becauseThompson had issued a press release on Aug. 27 confirming that he had been part of a team that had altered data for a scientific study in order to reach the conclusion that vaccines do not cause autism.
CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, who has a masters degree in public health, addressed the population that media often deride as “anti-vaxxers” (though they are all parents who did vaccinate their children) in tones that sounded quite condescending: “Vaccines are safe,” she said, leaning forward. “Autism is not a side effect of vaccines or to say it another way because some people don’t hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.”

Little did she know what she would soon spark—a social media campaign among afflicted families that has come to be called the “Hear This Well” revolution.

Autism Parents Reply to CNN: 'Hear This Well': photo 2

Breaking News Boycott Starts - CNN iReport

Americans will boycott all products advertised on Nightly news ABC CNN NBC FOX NEWS CBS. I repeat, All products advertised on mainstream media (News) stations will be boycotted until these networks run the CDC Whistleblower story. (The unbiased version) The plain and simple facts:

1.) William Thompson admits that the CDC omitted important data in 2004 MMR/Autism Study

2.) That data showed a 340% increased risk for Autism in African American Boys who received the MMR under the age of 36 months

Breaking News Boycott Starts - CNN iReport

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Concern Citizens and parents of Vaccine Injured Children are Gathering Tonight for a Twitter Party to Push ‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬ into “trending” status!

Tonight, from 7-10 p.m. EST, we are gathering for a twitter party to push ‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬ into “trending” status! Share links, photos, memes, etc. over the course of the three hours. Here are some tips:
- Use #CDCwhistleblower
- Retweet others, favorite others, reply to others!
- Reminder that when replying, put a period in front of the @ (.@ThinkerMichelle) in order to reach all of ThinkerMichelle’s followers!
- Leave out the profanity
- Ditch the twitter wars and ignore the trolls!
- Don't know where to start? Follow @thinkingmomsrev and @ThinkerMichelle and start retweeting them! http://ow.ly/i/6G81y My Twetter is @Zurama

“Tweeting Points” COPY AND PASTE

#CDCwhistleblower vaccine-autism link is Tuskegee revisited. “REAL STORY OF REAL FRAUD” http://tinyurl.com/oqrhezc

#CDCwhistleblower says former boss & current Merck head Gerberding complicit in cover-up http://tinyurl.com/nubcyef

#CDCwhistleblower in letter to Gerberding: “problematic” findings linking MMR timing to autism http://tinyurl.com/keb8ymu

fraud study cited in 344 subsequent papers – all relying on lies & house of cards should fall #CDCwhistleblower http://tinyurl.com/jvo93z2

#CDCwhistleblower helps researcher with real data, showing 3-fold higher risk of autism in African-American boys who get MMR http://tinyurl.com/omujczd

tell @AmerAcadPeds to retract fraud study #CDCwhistleblowerhttp://tinyurl.com/nh9fsnn

@CDCgov responds to #CDCwhistleblower claims by blaming parents for following CDC vax schedule, doesn’t deny fraud http://tinyurl.com/mwrv3cb

@CNN investigate #CDCwhistleblower story & end media blackout. 150K hits for ireport http://tinyurl.com/n53kzbq

@CNN taking down ireports over & over in media blackout of #CDCwhistleblower story http://tinyurl.com/k74jy5z

what happens when #CDCwhistleblower reveals federal agency fraud of taxpayer funded study…nothing

@CNN complicit in media cover-up of #CDCwhistleblower storyhttp://tinyurl.com/pc2766g

@RobSchneider stands by parents & facts asking @JerryBrownGov to address #CDCwhistleblower revelations http://tinyurl.com/nrbe75j

now we want investigations for perjury & fraud. now we want apologies for negligence & harm #CDCwhistleblower http://tinyurl.com/ld7bmo8

#CDCwhistleblower Send CDC whistleblower an email message asking him to come forward publicly: http://bit.ly/1nqEsG3

@thinkingmomsrev #CDCwhistleblower fraud claims prove MOMS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG http://tinyurl.com/mp6r94d

Monday, August 25, 2014

#CDCWhistleblower New Details Emerge

Fraud at the CDC (MMR), 340% increased risk of autism in African-American boys hidden from public

As a mother who's son regressed after receiving the MMR vaccine on his 1st birthday, I am disgusted by the revelation that CDC scientists doctored data that could have spared thousands of children a lifetime of suffering. They have known for over a decade that the MMR caused autism and lied to us. Dr. Wakefield was right all along!

I can remember how while I desperately scrambled for answers for my son's digestive problems and regression after this vaccines, the mainstream medical establishment was too busy trying to discredit and destroy Dr. Wakefield who was the only doctor at the time to have the guts to tell the truth. So much time wasted and so many children sacrificed for profit is unforgivable!

A top researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping uncover data manipulation by the CDC. This fraud obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys. The whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, came forward after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on an autism study was filed and these highly sensitive documents were received with the assistance of U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The CDC documents and discussions with the whistleblower reveal widespread manipulation of scientific data and top-down pressure on CDC scientists to suppress a causal link between the MMR vaccine and later autism diagnosis, particularly in a subset of African-American males who received their immunization “on-time” in accordance with the recommended CDC schedule.

The CDC knew that MMR vaccine caused autism in black babies, and its top scientists actively conspired to cover up that fact for the last twelve years. Racists eugenics bastards!

The peer reviewed analysis of the original CDC data showing a 340% increase in autism in African American boys due to the MMR vaccine can be found here

The CDC has responded with this statement. In it they don't address the allegations of data tampering or fixing the numbers or any mention of the integrity of the researchers. I will never believe any information coming from the CDC!

They knew all along and just covered it up and lied to us, thus destroying the lives of thousands of children! 

Pharm companies know that 50% of the ENTIRE population have a genetic TYPE (not defect) that does not allow their body (specifically their P450 cytochrome detoxification pathway) to process certain lab created agents including vaccines!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Medical Freedom,Vaccines and Our Rights Under the Constitution

The failure of vaccine has been seen for hundreds of years, while self serving scientists try to cover it up, by lying or silencing anyone who dared question it's safety.

Photo: Flu Vaccine and Infant Deaths

The vaccine induced autism epidemic is staring us right in the face with 1 in 50 children currently affected. As the vaccine schedule is raised so do the autism cases. A whole generation of children lives destroyed, while the Government continue to push for more vaccines and attempting to silence anyone who dares question the holy grail. There are over 80 scientific studies linking autism to vaccinesPublished by Ginger Taylor at Adventures in Autism

The worst whooping cough outbreak in 50 years on the vaccinated. The DC data shows 84 percent of children under the age of three have received at least four DTaP. So if four shots is not enough, what does that say about vaccine pushers Herd Immunity Theory? That it's an outright lie. The only way to have immunity is by getting the deceases naturally. As a child over 40 years ago, I had the Measles, Mumps and Rubella. I survived and became immune for life

In early 2010, a spike in cases of Whooping Cough appeared at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael, and it was soon determined to be an outbreak of whooping cough--the largest seen in California in more then 50 years. Witt had espected to see the illnesses center around unvaccinated kids, knowing they are more vulnerable to the desease. "We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the mojority of cases were in fully vaccinated children. That's what started catching our attention."

81 percent of 2010 California pertussis cases under the age of 18 were fully vaccinated children. In a pertussis outbreak in Texas, the CDC statistics show that 81.5 percent of cases were fully vaccinated with four DTaP shots. Washington State health officials are saying this year's pertussis cases could top a 60 year old record in spite of approximately 84 percent vaccination coverage. Reuters recently reported that according to the CDC, the number of pertussis cases is growing - in the fully vaccinated population! Natural news

In Spring of 2011 - California's Assembly Bill 354 - stating that beginning July 1, 2011, all seventh through twelfth grade students must have had the pertussis shot with all appropriate boosters.

Then in the summer of 2012  a deadly new pertussis strain is linked with the whooping cough vaccine. The bacteria are adapting to the vaccine and mutating. The mutation increases the illness rate of death.

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.The Constitution of the Republic should make a Special provision for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom." Admonition attributed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence, during the time of the 1787-1791 Constitutional Convention. 

In 1903 Judge Woodward of the New York Appellate Court said in the Viemeister case: "It may be conceded that the legislature has no constitutional right to compel any person to vaccination." What the hell has happened to this county since then??

"Mandatory vaccination ranks with human slavery and religious persecution as one of the most flagrant outrages upon the rights of the human race."
Dr. J.W. Hodge MD, 'The Vaccine Superstition' 
In "Poisoned Needle", Dr. Eleonor McBean exposes the dubious past of Vaccinations.

I you are able to get your doctor to show you the vaccine insert before you let him inoculate your child, do a search for the term “carcinogenesis,” literally ‘cancer creation’, on the product insert for any vaccine. You’ll see the following common phrase regarding most vaccines, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” You can find them located here:http://vactruth.com/vaccine-inserts/

Another interesting piece of history....

Interesting event..... In 1926
Opposition to Vaccination Grows
In 1926, a group of health officers visited Georgetown, Delaware, to vaccinate the townspeople. A retired Army lieutenant and a city councilman led an armed mob to force them out, successfully preventing the vaccination attempt

Tuberculosis: Lübeck Disaster
A disaster caused by BCG struck the German city of Lübeck. During 1929 and 1930, 72 babies died from tuberculosis out of 252 vaccinated. Many other infants were made ill as a result of vaccination. The vaccine used was later found to have been contaminated with a human tuberculosis strain being studied in same lab.

Early Polio Vaccine Trials
This year, two separate teams were at work developing and testing a polio vaccine. Both projects came to disastrous ends.

At New York University, Maurice Brodie, MD (1903-1939), a young researcher, prepared a killed poliovirus vaccine, testing it on chimpanzees, on himself, and finally on children. He enrolled about 11,000 individuals (in both control and vaccine groups) in his trial.

Meanwhile, John Kolmer, MD, of Temple University in Philadelphia developed an attenuated poliovirus vaccine, which he tested in about 10,000 children.

The tests proved a disaster. Several subjects died of polio, and many were paralyzed, made ill, or suffered allergic reactions to the vaccines.

Hepatitis Outbreak Prompts Improved Vaccine Safety Measures
Following the use of particular lots of the 17D vaccine among U.S. Army troops, an epidemic of hepatitis appeared. Several deaths and thousands of cases of “yellow atrophy of the liver” (jaundice following yellow fever vaccination) resulted. Following this incident and a similar episode in Brazil, both of which likely resulted from contaminated human blood serum being used in the vaccine

Cultivation of Poliovirus in Monkey Kidney Tissue
At the University of Pittsburgh, Jonas Salk, MD (1914-1995), and his team developed a method of cultivating poliovirus in monkey kidney tissue. The method would lead to the ability to produce large quantities of virus for vaccine. "More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963", that were decades later found to contain a cancer causing virus.

The Cutter Incident
Just a few weeks after the landmark press conference announcing success of the vaccine trials, an Idaho doctor reported a case of paralytic polio in a recently vaccinated girl. Over the next few weeks, similar reports trickled in to local health authorities. All involved a disturbing detail: paralysis began in the vaccinated arm, rather than in the legs as was more common.

It soon emerged that most of the cases of paralytic polio occurred in children inoculated with vaccine produced by Cutter Laboratories in California.

First Measles Vaccine Is Tested 
Sam Katz, MD, an infectious disease specialist working with Thomas Peebles and other researchers in the Boston lab, tested the first version of the lab’s vaccine on mentally retarded and disabled children at a school outside of Boston.

MMR Combination Vaccine Debuts
The U.S. government licensed Merck’s measles, mumps, and rubella combination vaccine (M-M-R).

MMR Safety Questioned
British researcher Andrew Wakefield, along with 12 co-authors, published a paper in the Lancet claiming evidence of measles virus in the digestive systems of autistic children. In press conferences after the paper was published, Wakefield suggested a relationship between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism. Wakefield then recommended that the combination MMR vaccine be suspended in favor of single-disease vaccinations given separately over time. For his audacity, he lost his country, and his medical licence. 

Dr. Wakefield's finding have been replicated numerous times and in fact even before his findings.

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Rotavirus: First Vaccine Withdrawn
The first vaccine for rotavirus, a common cause of severe childhood diarrheal illness, RotaShield, was licensed and recommended for routine childhood immunization in 1998. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, however, withdrew the vaccine in 1999 due to safety concerns. Scientists associated the vaccine with a rare intestinal problem called intussusception, a potentially fatal telescoping of part of the bowel.

"We do not know what future generations are going to suffer because we have not been brave enough to question of mass vaccination."
Barbara Loe Fischer, President, The National Vaccine Information Center 

In her book The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur by R. B. Pearson (originally Pasteur, Plagiarist, Impostor 1942) Eleonor McBean Exposes Pasteur's Lies and his constant thievery of other scientist discoveries and how he would alter the result of his experiments.

To learn more about the dark history of vaccination read: Suppressed Medical Science, by Jack Phillips

Find out how advances in medical science were deliberately suppressed to maintain and increase monopoly profits. Learn how the voices of eminent medical scientists were drowned out by propaganda of the medical establishment, ably assisted by allies in government. Frame-ups, prison, bankruptcy, exile or worse for those who actually healed.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lie No. 1 : Pasteur is a Benefactor of Humanity

 - from ‘The Ten Biggest Lies about Vaccines’ by Sylvie Simon

Oct 2009

"Each and every problem we face today is the direct and inevitable result of yesterday's brilliant solutions." Henry Bergman

  Praise for Pasteur is heard across the world and he is considered to be one of the most prestigious heroes of humanity, a reference to be reckoned with.

  Although the story of vaccination began at the end of the 18th century when the English doctor Edward Jenner undertook to inoculate with cowpox, a disease specific to cows, in order to protect humans from smallpox, it is Pasteur (1822-1895) who remains the father of vaccination and it is with him that the long string of lies begins.

  This clever, brilliant, hard-working man was an expert communicator and kept up to date with the work of his peers. His tactics never changed; he knew how to recognize good ideas but would begin by openly criticizing them, then would shamelessly appropriate them to himself, claiming to be the discoverer. It is in this way that he became the benefactor of humanity and, above all, an untouchable myth.