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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lack of Empathy

Tonight I was reminded of the long road ahead for Mickie.

It was right before his bed time, when I noticed he had an accident on the carpet in his room. It's really no big deal to me, though I usually clean in the morning, I didn't want him to walk around in a dirty carpet. I got the shampooer out and proceeded to clean the area.

As I walked out of his room I stepped over the wet area of the carpet and as soon as I set foot on the tile floor I slipped and fell on my left knee. I screamed once, then just tried to breath slowly till the pain subsided, but I couldn't get up right away. I looked up and saw Mickie walking towards me, and he looked annoyed, but at first glance I thought he was sad because I was hurt, but instead, he just started pushing me to get up. I suppose he knows I don't belong on the hallway floor.

It was then that I was painfully reminded once again, that Mickie feels no empathy yet. I don't remember a time when he cried when someone cried or got hurt. I understand that this is an autistic trade, but I have heard of cases where they develop empathy and in time my hope is that Mickie will too.