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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Autism Mickie Has Meltdownon at School Over Pizza....Keppra"

Last week Mickie had a meltdown over pizza. Apparently one of the classroom aids offered him pizza, not knowing he is not allowed to have pizza due to Casein and Gluten intolerance, then immediately after she learns that he can't have any and reminds him that he already ate, but by then he was so upset that it escalated into a big meltdown and he ended up banging his head on the floor two times.

I knew that Keppra, the medication he was prescribed to manage his seizures would make him irritable and he had been really grumpy in the last few weeks, but I was very surprised he had banged his head, since this had not happened in a few years. Self injury is the reason he was prescribed Risperdal.

I hope this will be just a one time thing.